Salamone Creative | Services
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Dream Big. Work Hard.

Salamone Creative services


Design. Function. SEO. Social Integration. Hosting. Training, or Maintenance. Salamone Creative is your one-stop for putting your vision online and getting your content seen.


Every brand identity begins with a logo. Make every pixel count with logo services from Salamone Creative.

Document Design

Business Cards. Gig Posters. Print Advertisements. Annual Reports. Newsletters. PowerPoint Presentations. Whatever you need. Make your document or presentation stand out with design services from Salamone Creative.


Build typesets that fit your brand and integrate them throughout your organization. Have text doctored up by design. Brilliant typography touch-ups can change any project from good to great.


Music. Jingles. Intros. Outros. Film Scores. Michael Salamone has almost 30 years of experience with digital audio design, composing and recording experience in any genre.

Voice Over

Michael Salamone has done voice over work for commercial, cartoon and corporate works. He also has close relationships with other professional voice talents to get you the perfect narration for your project.


Researcher. Writer. Editor. Copywriter. Ghostwriter. Journalist. Press Release or Business Plan Writer. Anything. Michael Salamone has over 20 years experience in professional writing and editing. No project is too big or too small.


Album covers. Art for presentations, articles or websites. Social Media branding and banners. Banner ads. Whatever you need. Salamone Creative can make custom artwork for any print or web project.

And So Very Much More...

A majority of the stuff Michael does for clients at Salamone Creative is born from need and isn’t even covered by this list. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. Michael has built social networks, web solutions for TV networks, chat rooms, e-commerce solutions, virtual office spaces and more for clients this year alone. Share your vision. We’ll build a road map together. Then we drive.